​​​​​​​​​I am a contemporary abstract oil painter. Most recently I exhibited at the Space building in Fremont, Seattle, during the months of Febuary and March of 2016.

I began selling my  abstract works in my earliest years, at the Laluna Wine Bar and Gallery in Virginia at the turn of the Millenium.  

I also exhibited a few abstract pieces, in 2013 at Whitecenter south of Seattle, Wa. USA.

Originals of my paintings are held by private collectors in Washington D.C., Seattle, Wa. as well as Houston Tx.

I also create digital fine art imagery, and patterns for contemporary home decor, and offer them through the Zazzle marketplace at, Ultramoderndecor.

Line, color and rhythms inspired by music, and world culture; both primitive and modern. The impulse to create, stems from a fascination with the interplay of geometric and organic forms. In my current work I aim for images which appear both ancient and futuristic at the same time. 


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Fine Art

​Guy Lindenmuth

Original art by Guy Lindenmuth on Vango

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​​Artist Statement

Rhythmic, intensely linear compositions, colorful and rather chaotic. Often people see unintentional things in the forms or make up new names for my pieces.

I've experienced a wide range of reactions to my work; viewers fleeing my exhibit immediately in apparent horror. Others have taken the time to enjoy each small intricacy and find a connection with a piece.